The Asom Gana Parishad is committed to finding solutions to some very sensitive & relevant issues concerning the people of our state. Amongst a plethora of issues that continue to be of prime concern to the people of our state, mentioned below are some of the issues that are of primary concern to AGP.
The birth of AGP is linked to the issue of illegal migrants from Bangladesh altering the demography of Assam. AGP is committed to free Assam from illegal immigrants.
NRC has to be updated on the basis of Assam Accord.
All illegal immigrants have to be identified on the basis of Assam Accord , identified illegal immigrants should be deleted from voter’s lists.
To compel the Central Government for immediately signing of “Repatriation Treaty” with Bangladesh to facilitate repatriation of identified illegal immigrants to Bangladesh.
Complete sealing of the porous international border.
Implementation of all unfulfilled clauses of Assam Accord within a stipulated time frame
AGP will never support handing over of any quantum of land belonging to Assam to Bangladesh and AGP will continue to strongly protest against any such decision.
Decentralization of power to states based on true federal structure of Indian constitution.
AGP will raise the issue of equal representation of all states in Rajya Sabha. If all national parties have faith in true federalism of the Indian Constitution , then all parties have to concede to the demand for equal representation of all states in Rajya Sabha irrespective of size of the state.
None other than a genuine resident of Assam should be allowed to file nomination for Rajya Sabha elections from Assam, only genuine residents of our state should be eligible to file nominations for Rajya Sabha elections.
It has been observed that people of Assam , despite possessing requisite eligibility criteria are usually not considered for inclusion in Central Government agencies , committees, technical committees , etc. AGP has been and will continue to demand for inclusion of eligible persons from Assam in all such central committees. It is observed that students / people from Assam & NE going outside the state /region for higher studies / exploring employment opportunities often face discrimination. It has taken a turn for worse in recent times. AGP will continue to protest against such discrimination and insecurity faced by people from Assam/NE region. AGP will take the lead in uniting all regional parties and organizations of this region to take up this issue at the highest levels.
AGP advocates a potent and strong Anti-Corruption body in our state in the form of Lokayukta which should have under its purview and ambit all ministers including the Chief Minister, MLAs and all Government officers / employees for an effective fight against corruption. AGP advocates enactment of a strong legislation to take punitive measures against those found guilty by Lokayukta including confiscation of their properties and preventing them from obtaining any Government jobs or political positions in future.
Investigations in all cases of corruption should be speedy and time bound.
Time bound and speedy grievance redressal mechanism in all Government departments, proper implementation of Citizen’s charter.
Effective implementation of RTI Act
Effective implementation of whistleblower protection Act. Introduce mechanism for effectively rewarding honest government employees. Implement E-governance to reduce red-tapism and make all Government processes transparent in all possible areas.
Introduce “Single window clearance system” to create an investment friendly atmosphere and attract investment into our state.
Revamping of the Government educational institutions to provide improved educational facilities & infrastructure, introduce compulsory refresher courses for teachers from primary school level onwards, ensure a proper teacher- student ratio, conforming to prescribed eligibility criteria to be the only norm followed for appointment of teachers.
Rail services in Assam and North East are still far backward compared to the rest of the country. AGP has been and will continue to demand for improvement of rail services in this region including doubling of Railway Tracks ,staring electricity powered locomotives & providing improved security to rail passengers.
AGP will continue to raise the issue of price rise, eradicate “Syndicate Raj” , ensure buffer stocks of essential commodities in all District Headquarters, to set up empowered committees to oversee prices of all commodities, increase number of warehouses for essential commodities all over the state, ensure a MSP to all farmers for their produce, to take effective steps to prevent widespread adulteration of medicines and make available life saving medicines at reasonable prices for the benefit of the common man.
AGP strongly advocates effective decentralization of power and empowerment of common people. For effective and sustainable development of any region, opinions and expectations of people of that region have to be taken into confidence. Complete transparency should be maintained in implementation of all Government Schemes and no discrimination should be made in selecting beneficiaries of Government Schemes. A strong and effective Social Audit system should be put in place to monitor effective utilization of Government funds.
AGP strongly advocates equal development of all indigenous tribes of our state, religious & linguistic minorities , Plains & Hill Tribes, Tea tribes , Scheduled tribes, etc in all fields and empower them to preserve their unique culture and heritage.
To take effective steps to preserve and promote the Xatras of Assam
The problem of erosion which has assumed serious proportions has to be dealt with long term effective scientific measures. Erosion affected people have to be rehabilitated properly and empowered with necessary means and measures to restart their livelihoods. Effective long term sustainable scientific measures have to be initiated for flood control. A proper scientific study and analysis of Big Dam projects with their possible impacts should be done and local populace should be taken into confidence, at the same time complete transparency should be maintained regarding such projects.
A scientific study keeping in mind all possibly short and long term impacts should be done on all major rivers of the state to effectively harness them A complete scientific survey & study on the feasibility and power generation capability of small dams is required to effectively harness the rivers flowing through the state.
A completely planned and scientific water supply and drainage system is a must for all major towns and cities of the state. AGP is seriously concerned about the impact of global warming on our environment and strongly supports all possible measures to prevent and contain the impact of the same.
The very existence of our unique river island –Majuli is being threatened by continued erosion. The island had a total area of 1,250 square kilometers, but having lost significantly to erosion it had an area of only 421.65 square kilometres in 2001. AGP strongly advocates all possible measures prevent further erosion on an urgent basis and also take all steps to have it declared a UNESCO Heritage site
A proper planned approach is the need of the hour to develop and preserve the unique ecosystem of our National Parks and take all measures against poaching Among the Indian states, Assam has one of the highest rates of unemployment for rural youth. Presently Assam has more than one million unemployed youth. Sustainable economic development in fields of Agriculture, Industry , Tourism etc. is the only solution to this serious problem. Special schemes for local unemployed youth should be devised and introduced to encourage self employment. AGP also proposes the setting up of a North East Economic Development Forum to explore solutions to this issue which is also affecting the other north eastern states. AGP strongly advocates the development of small and medium scale industries in our state.
AGP strongly demands 100% reservation for local unemployed eligible youth in all Central Government Departments , enterprises & undertakings in Assam All Tea and Oil companies operating in Assam should have their registered offices within the state.
Schemes for local unemployed youth – so that they can become self employed – registered offices of Tea/ Oil companies should be in Assam
Revival of sick industrial units of our state
Special economic packages for small tea growers
Special focus on “Skill Development” for unemployed youth and women
Development of Char areas
Introduce special schemes for the benefit of Senior Citizens
Infrastructure development – Take planned time bound measures to develop surface transport facilities to all interior areas of our state
Continuing neglect had steadily led to the decline of the once vibrant Regional Film Industry of our state. AGP continues to initiate all steps at all levels for revival of our regional film industry.
Assam is a storehouse of sporting talents. AGP advocates development of a planned and scientific sports policy supported by necessary infrastructure development to effectively spot, harness and nurture the sporting talent of this state.
Take strong and effective steps to curb the menace of illegal Non Banking Financial Companies
Set up branches of all National Research Institutes in Assam

We welcome suggestions / inputs from all sections of our society to bring to our notice any serious issue of concern, which has not been incorporated in this list and we will surely deliberate on it/them and formulate a judicious policy & approach on the same.

Please use our suggestions form or you can also contact us through phone, E-mail , Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype. We look forward to your active participation in this regard.